Eating Christmas

26 12 2009

Moreton Bay bugs and lobster, then this © Clare Richards 2009

We have moved…

The new fully fledged website is available at Tropical Cuisine with all the old posts available here plus new material.  See you there!

© Clare Richards 2009




2 responses

27 12 2009
kerry greene

merry xmas clare. glad to hear you had a sumptuous day. but then, after family, xmas is really all about food isn’t it. we had a lovely day with a few other local families – swimming feasting, champagning and even dancing! whoo

yesterday we all went out to snapper island in which we snorkelled, spear fished and ate lots of left overs.

and they’re off out to the reef today. me, i’ve done me dash and am reporting for duty on the couch to watch a few dvd’s.

have a wonderful high tea and i hope a good long rest too. can’t wait to see the photos.

merry xmas to yourself, your mum and tony
love kerry

28 12 2009
Clare Richards

thanks Kerry,

Christmas sounds like it was gorgeous. Yesterday went really well, today is recovery day, and tomorrow we review what we’ve done so far. Lovely having mum here, not suprisingly we were able to do alot with half the stress,


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