Wild harvest III

21 09 2009

© Clare Richards 2009 Pippis

We have moved…


The new fully fledged website is available at Tropical Cuisine with all the old posts available here plus new material.  See you there!

© Clare Richards 2009



4 responses

23 09 2009

My husband opened your blog and I ended up reading the first page today. Makes me want to move down to Cairns right away. I miss living in a tropical area where there is always an abundance of fresh goodness. We lived in Bangkok for a year and although I couldn’t just walk around the city to pick mangoes I loved visiting my local wet market, knowing everything there comes from a farm nearby. The idea of watching wallabies grazing on afternoon walks is also very appealing!

23 09 2009
Clare Richards

Hi Bordeaux
Yes, if life in the tropics really gets into your blood, it’s hard to keep away! If you haven’t visited Far North Queensland before you should put it on your wish list as it is an incredibly beautiful and diversive part of the world.

5 10 2009

To be fair, it’s really only Queensland that treats pippies as bait, the rest of oz knows about vongole.

6 10 2009
Clare Richards

Yes, I suspect it’s a northern Australian thing as they were bait in the Kimberley also, and I hadn’t learnt over there how to do the pippi shuffle, so I had to wait for a Melbourne visit to get a dose of pippis. My favorite spot used to be the spanish restaurant in my local pub, the Robbie Burns in Collingwood, where they cooked them in a cazuela

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