Brazilian spinach

8 09 2009

We have moved…

The new fully fledged website is available at Tropical Cuisine with all the old posts available here plus new material.  See you there!



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27 09 2009
Quddus Ronnie Padilla

Great page Claire! I’m really happy i came across it. Really helpfull info about Brazilian Spinach. Its my favorite ground cover and i always had it. I just didnt know i could eat it. Will try as soon as i get the courage to do it. I’m still kinda shocked, but i really love the thought. Will keep visiting your page. Thanks Much!

27 09 2009
Clare Richards

Glad it’s useful. Just think of it like normal spinach and use it in any dish where you would use spinach or other greens. You can also use it in salads if you chop it finely, or blanch it briefly then mix it with other salad greens.

8 01 2011

trying to find brazilian spinach. living in babinda finding food to grow all year can be a challenge. which market did you find it? love your book. tropical pastry works a treat.

8 01 2011
Clare Richards

Hi Meg
Come over to my current website as this blog is no longer active, I’ll post there about it so that everyone can see. Glad to hear the pastry recipe works for you!

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