Getting to know black sapote

5 09 2009
© Catseye Productions 2009

© Catseye Productions 2009

We have moved…

The new fully fledged website is available at Tropical Cuisine with all the old posts available here plus new material.  See you there!

© Clare Richards 2009



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20 11 2009
Granola with black sapote puree « The Mija Chronicles

[…] black sapote is a popular tropical fruit in Mexico, and it’s a funny-looking thing when it’s […]

23 01 2010

neighbor has lots of black sapote, we are in SW Florida and had that freeze. well the tree is dropping sapotes and looking for recipes to use them up. found one pie, one cake and a bread recipe and pudding. any more appreciate all as I love to bake and try new recipes. Last year made papaya pie, delish!!!!

23 01 2010
Clare Richards

Hi Vickie

Good news with black sapotes is that the pulp freezes very well if you let it get properly ripe first. That way you don’t have a mad rush on having to use them all up at once! I will have lots of other black sapote recipes in my cookbook when it comes out in mid-2010, including a beautiful ice cream recipe, a panforte, a tart, the mousse, a few cocktails, and some other suprises.
Have you tried the black sapote gravy recipe?

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